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Brazilian nuts

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Brazil Nuts A Nutritional PowerhouseBrazil nuts, scientifically known as Bertholletia excelsa, are large seeds derived from the Brazil nut tree, native to the Amazon rainforest in South America. These nuts are...

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Brazil Nuts A Nutritional PowerhouseBrazil nuts, scientifically known as Bertholletia excelsa, are large seeds derived from the Brazil nut tree, native to the Amazon rainforest in South America. These nuts are revered not only for their rich and creamy flavor but also for their impressive nutritional content and potential health benefits. Appearance and Harvesting: Brazil nuts are one of the largest nuts in the world, housed in a hard, woody shell that resembles a coconut. Each shell contains around 12 to 24 triangular-shaped seeds. The Brazil nut tree, which can reach heights of up to 160 feet, produces these nuts in large pods, and harvesting them requires considerable effort. Indigenous communities and local harvesters play a vital role in the sustainable collection of Brazil nuts from the wild. Nutritional Composition: One of the standout features of Brazil nuts is their exceptional nutritional profile. They are a concentrated source of selenium, a trace mineral with antioxidant properties that support immune function and thyroid health. A single Brazil nut can provide more than the daily recommended intake of selenium. Additionally, Brazil nuts are rich in healthy fats, particularly monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which contribute to heart health. They also contain essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, as well as vitamins like thiamine and vitamin E. Health Benefits: Selenium Boost: Selenium is a crucial component of the body's antioxidant defense system. It helps neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, and support overall cellular health. Adequate selenium intake is associated with a lower risk of certain chronic conditions. Heart Health: The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in Brazil nuts contribute to heart health by helping to lower bad cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood vessels. Rich in Nutrients: Beyond selenium, Brazil nuts provide a spectrum of essential nutrients, contributing to overall well-being. These include healthy fats, protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. Thyroid Function: Selenium is essential for proper thyroid function, playing a role in the conversion of thyroid hormones. Adequate selenium levels may help support a healthy thyroid gland. Culinary Uses: Brazil nuts can be enjoyed in various ways. They are often eaten raw as a snack or added to trail mixes and granolas. Their rich, creamy texture makes them an excellent addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Chopped Brazil nuts can be sprinkled over salads, yogurt, or desserts, while Brazil nut butter is a delicious alternative to traditional nut butters. Considerations: While Brazil nuts offer numerous health benefits, it's important to consume them in moderation due to their high selenium content. Excessive selenium intake can lead to toxicity. Eating just one to three Brazil nuts a day is generally considered a safe and effective way to obtain the recommended daily amount of selenium. In conclusion, Brazil nuts stand out not only for their unique flavor but also for their nutritional richness. From supporting immune health to promoting heart health, these nuts pack a powerful punch of essential nutrients and antioxidants, making them a valuable addition to a balanced and varied diet. Storage Tips:Store in the refrigerator before and after opening to ensure long-lasting freshness.
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Brazilian nuts

100 غرام
100 غرام
SR 14.90