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Dried Mango

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Dried mango, a tropical delight, is a delectable and nutritious snack that captures the essence of the succulent mango fruit in a concentrated, chewy form. This popular dried fruit undergoes a...

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Dried mango, a tropical delight, is a delectable and nutritious snack that captures the essence of the succulent mango fruit in a concentrated, chewy form. This popular dried fruit undergoes a meticulous process that preserves the vibrant flavors and natural sweetness of fresh mangoes while extending their shelf life. The result is a convenient and portable treat that can be enjoyed year-round, transcending geographical boundaries to bring the taste of the tropics to consumers worldwide. The journey of dried mango begins with the selection of premium mangoes at the peak of ripeness. Harvested from tropical regions such as India, the Philippines, or Thailand, where the climate is ideal for mango cultivation, these fruits are chosen for their rich flavor profile and high sugar content. The careful selection ensures that only the finest mangoes make their way into the drying process. Once selected, the mangoes undergo a thorough cleaning and peeling process. The goal is to remove any impurities and ensure that only the juicy, golden flesh is retained. After peeling, the mangoes are sliced into thin, uniform pieces, maximizing the surface area for drying. Some manufacturers may choose to leave the skin on, adding a chewy texture and extra nutrients to the final product. The next crucial step is the drying process, where the sliced mangoes are subjected to controlled heat and air circulation. Traditional sun drying, as well as modern methods like dehydrators or ovens, may be employed. During this phase, the moisture content is significantly reduced, preserving the mango's natural sugars and intensifying its sweetness. The result is a chewy, slightly sticky texture that enhances the overall eating experience. The final dried mango product boasts a concentrated burst of tropical flavors, combining the sweetness of ripe mangoes with a hint of acidity. The chewy texture provides a satisfying and enjoyable experience, making it a favorite among snack enthusiasts. Beyond its delightful taste, dried mango is a nutrient-rich option, offering a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It serves as a convenient snack for those on the go, an energy-boosting treat during outdoor activities, or a flavorful addition to trail mixes, granolas, and desserts. In addition to its irresistible taste and nutritional benefits, dried mango also offers versatility in culinary applications. It can be used as a topping for yogurt, incorporated into baked goods, or enjoyed alongside cheese and nuts on a charcuterie board. Its natural sweetness makes it a popular ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes, adding a tropical twist to a variety of recipes. In conclusion, dried mango is a celebration of the luscious and exotic mango fruit, carefully crafted to preserve its essence in a convenient and portable form. Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a versatile ingredient, this tropical treat brings the flavors of the sun-drenched orchards to people around the world, creating a delightful sensory experience with every bite. Preservation method: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
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Dried Mango

100 gms
100 gms
SR 31.90